The above pic is the ad that Otis’s original family posted online when they realized they couldn’t properly care for him and raise their four children with one on the way.  The pic caught my eye immediately.  I have a soft spot for dogs with a lot of character and ears that only half flop forward.  They immediately look like they’re both ready to play and quizzical.  So I contacted them near the end of October.  Malai had passed in April, and I wanted to wait before bringing in a new pup until both Ozzie and Yaz had ample time to grieve and move on.  

11-29-2013 2

After arranging a day when I could come meet him, I received a call from Jenna, Otis’s human companion.  She’d discussed their situation and decided that they wanted to give raising him one more try, drawing in their children in learning how to raise a dog and live with pets.  But with four kids already under the age of seven and the newest one on the way, they realized that it was more than they could do well.  So Jenna called back about a month later to see if I was still interested.

In the interim, I had been working at getting approved through a regional rescue to adopt a new Great Dane.  That process proved to be so invasive, arduous, and problematic, that I was ready to chuck that idea in the trash and figure something else out. So when Jenna phoned, I leapt at the chance.  I kept thinking about Otis, knowing it was a perfect match for us.

So I met with them and knew my intuition had been correct.  Though terribly shy around strangers, and in spite of learning that he’d never really been around other dogs, I agreed to adopt him.

11-29-30 1

He came home with me on Wednesday, November 27, 2013.  His humans, Jenna and Erik, believed him to be about 10 1/2 months old.  He’d never been to a vet, and had not yet been neutered.  However, he was incredibly curious, obviously intelligent, and as energetic as any puppy is.  Originally, Jenna and Erik thought him to be Labrador/Dalmation (Dalmador).  And when I first met him, I tended to agree.  But then I saw his classic Boxer features, and agreed that he was instead a Boxer/Dalmation.

You can read about his progress on the blog.  In the meantime, we continue to make adjustments to our lives so that he can become an integral part of our wonderful pack.

Otis and Yaz
Otis and Yaz

Otis 8-24-2014 4

Otis 8-24-2014 1


One thought on “Otis the Dog

  1. your dog stories help me with my chronic depression – I wish I could have dogs until the end of my life – for now, I just care for other people’s dogs and I’m grateful for the time I can LEARN from them-

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