A Love Story

Though this should be completely apparent on my part, sometimes I feel it still needs to be said. In an era when the dividing lines between humans becomes deeper, wider, and so much harder to bridge, it helps to know whom we can depend on, whom we can trust.
It does not matter to me the color of your skin or the gender of your love, I support you. I support you emotionally, I support you physically, I support you in every way I possibly can. I do not subscribe to labels or categorizations that separate us from who we truly are:
Brothers and Sisters.
To attempt to slap one of your pejoratives or labels onto me or slot me into some life-limiting category does not bind me, for I am easily able to slip those useless bonds. I will always stand up for those who seek to live as their most authentic self, regardless of h0w that manifests.
No matter if you’re fat or thin, young or old, dark or fair…
If we should pass one another on the street, I might not know it, yet I am committed to love you.
You are a part of my city, my universe, my life. If you were not here to pass me by, a piece would be missing from my jigsaw puzzle day.
love story

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