What is the recipe for creativity?

It’s a question that so many ask themselves.

Here’s my response:

Creativity is an energy source that circulates through your entire being.  Not just through the material parts like organs and bones and skin, but those things that are immeasurable, like spirit and thought.  It is in your circulatory system, your nervous system, and your cardiovascular system.  It is in your known senses, and extends beyond them into the realms of intuition and prescience.

Creativity begins at birth and continues until your body returns to the earth.  It absorbs your every experience, your every thought, your every sentient moment without fail.  It feels your pain, your joy, and your ecstacy.

It distills all of this and pours it into reality in so many different ways.  From the pen, the brush, the chisel, and the anvil.  We manifest this energy in every breathing moment.  With every beat of our hearts.

It doesn’t always consume us, but sometimes it does.  We find ourselves lost in a moment that we know we’ll never be able to recreate, and we allow that moment to spool out infinitely into the universe and beyond, riding that wave, reveling in that untamed beast’s ferocious roar and the fire in its eyes.

Even when sleeping, our mysterious subconscious churns and growls through the night and in the light of day, our eyes widen as we experience a new epiphany, a new revelation, and we hurry off to capture it, to wallow in its bright brilliance.  It’s a high that we seek as often as we can.  Sometimes we fear we’ve lost it, or feel it’s blocked — caught in a cage of our own making that we have lost the key to.  But that’s our failing…believing we own it, that it belongs solely to us.

It never has.

It flows freely through the realm of living things, and non-living things.  It flows and flows, and sometimes…if we’re quiet, if we’re open…it allows us to grab its wild exultation…

And fly.


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