Today is the first anniversary for when Otis became a part of our family. Though it seemed iffy at the time, over the past year, he has become such an incredible pup…loving, generous, hilarious, and has become Arya’s big brother. Even Yaz — who is standoffish at best — has been initiating play with him in recent weeks.

Also, today marks what would have been Malai’s 14th birthday. There’s not a day that goes by in which I don’t think of her. Mostly because Arya is so much like her, and certain mannerisms and habits are such “Malai-isms” that it’s hard not to see Malai in her.

If there’s anything that consistently gets me through hard times, it’s these dogs. When I’m experiencing a difficult day, I know I can lie down on my bed and within seconds all three pups are right beside, pressed against me (in Yaz’s and Otis’s cases), or right on top of me (in Arya’s case). There’s no way I can stay depressed for long with these amazing animals next to me. Though they’re no substitute for healthy self-care, they do go a long way in allowing me to not be submerged in darkness for long.



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