If You Think People Aren’t Doing Good Things In The World, You Haven’t Met These People

What a great non-profit to get involved with, no matter where you live.

Global Refuge Stories

ggc houseMy first encounter with them was innocent, and I was naive that such a place existed.

Invited by a friend, we met in an unassuming Victorian-era house converted into a coffee shop.  As I had thought many times before in other businesses of this type, it was “nice.”  Because let’s face it, coffee shops are a dime a dozen anymore.  There are so many converted houses that serve their special brand of coffee, but when you’ve visited so many, they all begin to seem the same.

It existed in a Olde Town Arvada, an area that retains a very small-town look and feel, and so this particular shop fit right in with its surroundings.  The words that leapt to mind were “quaint,” “interesting,” and “nice.”  These are very noncommittal words, designed to not have to express a strong opinion.

It wasn’t until I was inside and able to look around…

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