Free E-Books? Hell Yes!

I love getting free stuff. Especially if it might lead the way to changing my life. I appreciate the work of writers, artists, singers, composers, musicians, actors and comedians, especially when they understand that we don’t truly own anything, not even our work. Sometimes it becomes a necessity to make a living through the selling of our work, and sometimes we allow it to leave the nest for free. Here are some complementary e-books for you to enjoy. Feel free to share them with anyone and everyone. That’s what “free” means.

Request a complementary copy of these e-books via the order page:


The Care and Feeding of the Introvert Spirit

Introverts get a bad reputation because society doesn’t trust anyone who isn’t blaring things about themselves into the world.  I blame reality television.  This is a guide for Introverts, Extroverts, Ambiverts, and Everyone In Between.


A Writer’s Manifesto for Growth

Written with writers of all skill levels in mind, this Manifesto outlines simple ideas in becoming and remaining a successful writer.

So What? The Art of Letting Go of the Things That Hold Us Back

Writers are not the only people who experience self-sabotage. Everyone does things that holds their efforts back. This e-book shines a light on why this happens and how to overcome it.

To The 7th Power: How Cycles of 7 Influence Our Thoughts, Behavior, and Lives In Surprising Ways

Every 7 years throughout our lives, we experience a major shift in our behavior, actions, and thought processes. Learn more with this e-book.


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