Say Hello To My Leetle Friend!

Meet Arya.  10-week-old Lab mix.  Her papa is a shiny black Lab mix, her mama a petite chocolate Lab.  Papa is BIG.  Arya (named after a character in “Game of Thrones) is going to be a good-sized pup.  Her feet are so big, it looks like she has extra toes.


A good friend’s pup had a litter of six beautiful dogs, and they were so cute, I couldn’t resist adopting one into our pack.  The other dogs don’t know what to make of her…especially Otis.  Maybe he’s never been around puppies before, but he keeps sniffing her to make sure she’s a dog like him.  It’s pretty hilarious.

Yaz (the Queen) doesn’t want anything to do with her (but she was the same way with Otis when he first came home with us, so she’ll adjust).  Ozzie has already allowed Arya to play on him and pull his ears, so he’s going to be an excellent grandpa to her.

We’re so blessed to have her with us.  She’s adorable (naturally), loves to cuddle, and is a “kisser,” in that, if there’s skin available, it gets a good bath.

She slept in a kennel with the door open through most of the night, which rested on the bed next to me — both so she could retreat if she didn’t feel safe, and crawl out if she so chose) which is how I trained Malai when she was alive.  It seems to be a good technique.  Better than most other’s I’ve heard of.  I can’t see locking a puppy in a room by itself “just in case.”

Arya 10 WeeksOur first night went well, and today has been spent adjusting.  Arya is fine with the other pups, but they need to adjust to her presence.  Especially Otis.

But she’s pretty amazing already.



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