Conversations With The Universe

What are some of the things you say to yourself with your inner voice?

It used to be that a person would never admit to having such inner conversations.  It was viewed as “weird” or “strange” or, sadly, even evidence of some kind of psychosis.  We’d avoid those people for fear of becoming contaminated in some way with their pathology.

However, every individual on our planet talks to themselves with that inner voice.  Schizoid and other personality or mental disorders forget how to recognize their own inner voices, and believe that their inner self-talk is someone else trying to manipulate them or force them into doing things that are dangerous, unhealthy, and often deadly.

A healthy mind maintains an inner dialogue, even into sleep (in the form of dreams).  It’s an incredibly powerful resource, and aids in increasing our creativity, problem solving skills, daily living, and maintaining our self-esteem and self-respect.

It also influences how we perceive the world around us. These inner affirmations can lead us astray, or guide us to greater success.

Negative inner dialogues bring negative results, and positive inner dialogues bring positive results.

This inner dialogue is how your mind communicates with the universe.  It picks up intuitive flashes, creative answers to problems, and demystifies our burdens, and answers questions we may have been troubled with. It’s the way in which our conscious and subconscious minds communicate with one another.  The subconscious deals in abstracts.  The conscious deals in linear thinking.

Until the last six months, I didn’t understand this concept.  I read it time and again, that our mental capacity is enormous, and that what we talk to ourselves about internally is manifested eventually externally.  But I couldn’t absorb it, only intellectualize it.  This means that, to me, it was nothing but more New Age blathering.  When my depressive mindset grew dangerous to me, in that I began having thoughts of hurting myself, that no one cared, I sought help.

I knew that I needed to recalibrate my brain chemistry in some way.  The world had become too much. So I sought out a research being conducted in my area and volunteered.

Eight months later, I can state with confidence: I get it.  I understand the power of inner dialogue and how, when we’re not functioning with the proper chemistry in our brains, that self-talk becomes toxic, depressed, and dangerous.  When in a depressive state, we cannot even imagine that there is a way out of it.  We believe we’ll never know happiness, love, or anything close to them again.  We resign ourselves to living out the rest of our days in this state.  It’s like having the worst flu you could imagine, only no one else can tell you’re sick.  And…you believe they wouldn’t care anyway.

Once I began coming out of the dense fog of depression — ever so slowly — I began to hear my inner dialogue change.  Where once I berated myself for so many things I couldn’t control, I began to see the good things within.  Once I became aware of it, I gave myself permission to pursue this sense of joy and gratitude.

To be clear, it’s not an easy process.  The first step is seeking help from someone who can be effective in the healing process.  Not just someone with a prescription pad, but someone who is sensitive to what you’re going through.  And there’s inner work to be done on your part as well.

Over and over again, endeavor to keep your attention of what is going on inside your head, and eventually you will be able to become aware of the inner dialogue for longer periods of times. Watching the mind and what is going on inside it develops detachment, and this makes it easier control of the mind and its chatter.

Whenever you catch yourself conducting a useless, futile conversation with yourself, stop it. Change it to something more useful and meaningful. Replace the subject, and the words. It is just like listening to a recording. Why not replace it with another recording that you like? Why let this recording play by itself? Change the words of the inner dialogue to positive ones, about good health, happiness and success.


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