Slow Drift Through Clouds of Hope

Walking the pups yesterday, we stopped to chat with a neighbor friend, who told me he was moving back to Texas.  He had tried to open a storefront that resold estate sale items, but unfortunately, this area is far too downtrodden to be able to support such a venture.  He thought he might rent the space to a marijuana grow business, but quickly learned that the space was situated within 10 feet of residences and not the prescribed distance that new laws provide.  So he decided to leave.

He’s young-ish (perhaps early thirties, late twenties), and comes from a family who is successful in real estate both in Texas and Colorado. His storefront was full of knick-knacks and whatnot, most of which I believe he sold off online, or in bulk.  But many of the fixtures he set out for others to take.

So last evening, there was a queen-size pillow top mattress and box spring leaning against the front of the building.

“Might as well take it,” he said.  “Or you know someone else will.”

He told me he’d purchased them new ($700!) about six months earlier.  He didn’t always sleep on them as he kept a second residence nearby.

Did he know that only a few days before my most recent contract job ended, I was looking online for just such a set?  The ones I’d been using were nearly 15 years old, and weren’t new to begin with.  They were bottom of the line, but functional.  Over the years, I’ve been creative with making them as comfortable as possible.  But the mattress was really uncomfortable and the box springs weren’t in all that great shape either.

So I hauled them home, feeling blessed.  Setting them up and dressing them with sheets and pillows, the dogs wasted no time to climb aboard and promptly fall asleep.  No room for me to test it out.

This is the first real mattress I’ve ever had.  Mostly I stick to futons, as I find them the most comfortable.  However, I had to get rid of my last futon several years ago, and haven’t been able to afford to replace it, or the old decrepit mattress I’d been using.  So this “find” was a real treat.

An hour later, when Otis decided he wasn’t tired anymore and hopped out of the bed, and–

Oh. My. Gawd.

The most comfortable thing I’ve ever laid on.  Ever.  Did I say ever?  I meant EVER!

This morning I didn’t want to get up.  Even this moment, my longing gaze keeps creeping over there, and I’m thinking: Only a short nap. 

Had I known all these years what I’ve been missing, I would’ve taken out a bank loan to buy myself this mattress, since it’s the price of a used car.  But worth it?  Ya, sure, yabetcha!


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