The Canine Spirit

“I have ALWAYS preferred dogs over many humans. Dogs are innocent, don’t force their agenda down your throat, or their religion, or their politics, and they don’t rape, or go on joy-killing sprees. They don’t divulge your secrets to benefit themselves, and don’t get addicted to drugs. They are kind, gentle in the right circumstances, trustworthy, and believe you are the source of their happiness, even when you’re having a bad day. They listen, and they care unconditionally. They understand your emotions and your moods, and respond appropriately. The only persons who might be threatened by someone’s undying and unwavering affection for canines is someone who does not see dogs for the true amazing spirits they are, and likely lack many of the qualities dogs embody inherently. While all animals are amazing, I have found my deepest bonds with dogs and people who possess similar qualities.”


A non-stoned Otis, resting after a busy day.  He luvs him some sunshine!

Curious Yaz


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