Chronicle of Otis the Dog: Month 2

He’s come a long way, baby!  Otis is learning at a tremendous speed, though walks through the neighborhood continue to be challenging.  There are a LOT of dogs that he feels the need to protect me from, and I’m sure one of my arms is longer than the other from his constant pulling and lunging toward fencelines.  He seems to have memorized every yard that contains another dog and tries to hurry me to it every day.  However, on the plus side, he has learned to ignore people unless they confront him or try to pet him.  I try to instruct those I meet to keep their hands in their pockets and don’t even look at him, which appears to put him at ease, and he’ll initiate contact from there.

Otis and Ozzie have become best buds, which excites me very much.  Ozzie, being 10, and Otis being 1, play together and roughhouse together every day now.  I haven’t seen Ozzie act like this since he was 2 or 3.  It’s awesome to witness the old man romping, barking and playing like he used to love to do with Malai when they were younger.  Ozzie seems to have reinvested in the pack, and Otis defers to him for everything.  Yaz wants no part of it, but will tease Otis by stealing one of his toys and playing keep-away.

So, all is well in the Dog Haus!


One thought on “Chronicle of Otis the Dog: Month 2

  1. Well,I leave the one that was touched by your sweet dog story …
    and one more which was entertained by your longer arm …
    Are two pieces of my soul enough to state my liking for the chronicle of Otis,you think ?

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