Today is Ozzie’s 10th year on earth, and it’s been such an amazing journey with him so far.  He has touched the lives of so many — as a volunteer for local hospitals visiting oncology patients, as a giant, huggable teddy bear to the neighborhood kids, and especially to me, who has changed and grown into a doting dog daddy because of him.  Here’s to many more seasons with you, my friend!


Though Otis only came to us this past Thanksgiving, it’s been a wonderfully joyous (and hilarious!) time.  Today, we’re dedicating January 7th henceforth as Otis’s (aka Sharkie) birthday.  Today, the pup turns a year old, and is no less antagonizing to his pack mates, both of whom tolerate him like any adult puts up with a child that’s constantly barking in their faces, biting their back legs, and generally being a giant, adorable pain in the ass.  We love you, Otis!

11-29-30 1



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