The Truth About Art

Any artist, in any medium, who tells you they are supremely confident at all times and have no doubts about their work is either lying or is Kanye West. The truth about art, is that making it on any level, tends to bring about a natural wave of self-doubt and the burden of assumed expectations. I would love to say that I make art *just* for myself, and that is partly true, but while I do find the process cathartic and emotionally balancing, I am also bombarded by negative thoughts about my work on a daily basis – this isn’t good enough, this is too different, I’ll never make something on par with this or that, why am I not as good as them and what will the people on the page think? It’s something anyone and everyone deals with when they try to nurture their creative side, and it’s a shame, because I think a lot of people with plenty to offer in their medium give up before realizing that we are always going to be our worst critics and you have to push through it. Art shouldn’t be about reaching a benchmark, it should be about your voice, and trying to make it heard by any means available. I’m far from the benchmark myself, but to anyone on here who dabbles in any creative field and thinks that they are the only ones who are terrified every time they pick up a pen, brush, camera, or instrument – you’re not the only one.

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