Chronicle of Otis the Dog: Day 24

What a character he is!  Besides being the cuddliest dog I’ve ever met, he is also incredibly curious and intelligent.  We continue to work on his fear reactions outside the house toward people and dogs.  He’s progressing, albeit it slowly.  He feels it’s his job to defend his pack against danger, which comes in the form of anyone and anything he’s unfamiliar with.

Most recently, he has apparently learned that he can run really, really fast through the house because there’s carpeting, which gives him much better traction than he’s used to.  And that has resulted in several episodes of what I call “devil running,” because he races round and round the house non-stop, as if the devil is after him.  It’s very entertaining.  And he seems so pleased with himself once he gets tired out.

He has also discovered the doggie toybox.  There are numerous toys spread throughout the house that he’s dragged out, examined, and gnawed on.  These seem to be the source of countless hours of entertainment for him.  He’s even enticed Yaz and Ozzie to rediscover all these toys, which is funny because Yaz thinks she’s oh so cute when she brings me a dirty, raggedy stuffed Angry Bird to play with.

Home progress is coming along nicely.  They play with each other, and egg each other on when they’re acting a fool.  Otis loves to give Yaz a bath with his tongue which, surprisingly, Yaz allows.  She’s always been a “daddy’s girl” type personality, but she seems to really like Otis.

Here’s Otis and Ozzie trying to figure out how to play with one another.



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