I love how Otis exhibits signs of being a classic “velcro” dog.  These are pups who are endlessly curious about their world, and who believe, perhaps foolishly, that anything we humans do is infinitely interesting.  Therefore, they move with us, no matter what mundane task we might be undertaking.  He’s learned to understand that the microwave beeping means that there’s likely some kind of food being prepared.  He remains a counter-surfer, which concerns me, as the stove is gas and he has stood up to see what’s cooking several times, only barely avoiding being badly burned.  I try to help him understand the danger, but so far, the potential for cooked yummies wins out.

He loves to cuddle.  And unlike the bigger dogs, doesn’t mind laying on my belly while I’m reading in the evenings, or sleeping in an awkward position so he can be pressed against me the night through.  Malai was like that as well, when she was living.  Yaz has taken her cue from Otis, and now they compete for space next to me at night.  That will probably change once warmer temps prevail, but for now, I enjoy many two-dog nights.  Ozzie continues to be Ozzie and doesn’t like being anywhere near people or other dogs whilst sleeping, so he does his own thing.

Outdoors on a leash, Otis is energetic, and his boundless curiosity really shines through.  He zips this way and that, trying to make sure he doesn’t miss even one interesting smell as he passes.  The downside to this is that he never misses discarded food on the ground, no matter what it is.  With my larger dogs, I can pry the food from their mouths because their snouts are much longer and easy to manipulate.  Otis has a puggish nose, and it’s nigh impossible to pry anything from his mouth.  This is a fact I discovered while trying to play tug-of-war with him.  And losing.  Every time.

The days progress, and the adjustments continue.  We learning how to co-exist, which is beautiful.  He’s a charmer, and a goober.  Both quite endearing traits in a dog.

Otis pretty much nestling on top of Yaz.
Otis pretty much nestling on top of Yaz.

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