5. Chronicle of Otis the Dog: Day Five

Otis’s former owners estimated him to be about 10-11 months old at the time I adopted him.  In the interest of honoring his birthday, I have decided to give him the same birthday as Ozzie: January 7th.  Ozzie will be 10 this coming year, and Otis will turn 1.

He has, after five days, finally begun allowing himself to get physically closer to the other dogs.  This morning, we took a nap after breakfast, and Otis lay down so that his back haunches were pressed up against Yaz, and his back pressed against my side.  He was still there when I awoke an hour later.  Neither dog seemed to mind the presence of the other.  They haven’t actively begun playing together yet, but I can already tell that’s not far off.  Tomorrow will be another test, as I must work a few hours out of the house, including the bus ride to and from.

As mentioned in a previous post, I left the three of them alone for two hours yesterday morning, and nothing catastrophic took place.  No one was bleeding, and there were no shredded chairs or shoes to be found.  And no potty accidents!  Of all the things Otis has accomplished, the fact that  he has not had any indoor accidents to date is the most thrilling.  He adjusted well to the potty schedule he’s been introduced to, and it appears to work well for him.

Here’s a pic of Yaz and Otis enjoying some downtime together:

Otis and Yaz
Otis and Yaz

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