3. Chronicle of Otis the Dog: Day Three

A few hiccups here and there.  Well, literally.  Yaz had the hiccups last night.  She kept trying to sleep and woke herself up every time it happened.  Otis looked at her like, “Yo, bitch!  You been drinkin’ again?”

So we slept through the night last night.  Everyone seems to have found their “place” in the pack order.  There was some grumbling and snarling on the part of “the Boy,” (which has become his new nickname),  and occasionally on the part of Yaz or Ozzie (a first for the Oz-monster — he’s typically very reserved and stoic). However, the pack order is being reestablished a little at a time.

Otis is incredibly smart.  He learns new concepts very quickly.  If I tell him “no” about something, he will not do that thing again.  I rarely use that word unless the animal is endangering himself, which, as we found out yesterday, he can do if left to his own devices.  For instance, cooking breakfast yesterday, I caught him “counter surfing,” except on the stove, which was still quite hot.  But when he was corrected, he got right down and now only sniffs in that direction.

11-29-30 1

He acts all tough and gangsta, but he’s really just a softie.  A baby that requires attention, love and care.  I know he misses his former family — and to see him in action with them was stunningly beautiful.  They absolutely loved him, and he them. And I know how difficult it was to have to part with him so they can grow their own family.   That’s the primary reason I want to give him the best home possible….because not only does he deserve it, but he’s grown up on a loving atmosphere.

It’s hilarious when we get home from our morning walks.  He engages me in a game of tug-of-war, but eventually, his eyelids start drooping, and he fights sleep.  Just like a baby.

He’s a “velcro” pup, which means he has to be everywhere that I am, at all times.  Yesterday, he kept his head in the shower so he could see what took place inside that watery container.  Nothing like the feeling that Norman Bates is lurking outside the shower curtain.

He LOVES his walks.  So I’ve got him on 5-times a day with the other pups.  He’s been great on a leash, so no problems there.  All in all, an excellent three days.  Very much looking forward to the next decade and a half with him!

11-29-2013 2


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