2. Chronicle of Otis the Dog – Day Two

We spent a very restless night with the new addition to our family.  He was cautious of all the new noises he has to adjust to, not to mention that Ozzie snored like a diesel truck going down hill all night.  The neighbors were noisy, too.  So every time Otis barked, the other dogs awoke barking, though they had no idea what they were barking about.  :-/

Otis slept pressed against my side all night (and I am absolutely COVERED with fine, white dog hair this morning), though “slept” isn’t really what he did.  I finally drifted off at about 11 p.m., after he tried to initiate a play session with his new favorite toy:

mypds_2222_5065871We’ve gone on a number of walks, and if I can get him to sit about every block or so, he seems to calm down quite quickly from his enthusiastic puppy-energy state.  He’s sweet, kind, and is going to make an outstanding addition to the pack.

We’re pleased and thankful on this day to welcome him to his new home.

Today they’re showing their territorial tendencies.  Yaz isn’t for sharing toys or food, so she has growled a couple times when Otis got too near.  Otis, for his part, stood his ground and growled right back.  This is how dogs teach each other what their individual boundaries are.  If a growl doesn’t work (and believe me, Yaz sounds like a black bear when she growls), sometimes snapping at one another’s snout is sufficient.  I’ll closely monitor it, of course, to make sure it doesn’t go further.  Ozzie, meanwhile, seems completely unfazed by the whole process.  He lays like a speed bump on the floor, following the entertainment with only his eyes, never moving his head.  It’s hilarious.

We got through our first walk as a team.  So far, so good!


One thought on “2. Chronicle of Otis the Dog – Day Two

  1. Oz has been there, done that with a new pack member. This is a first experience for the Ya-Ya-Yaz, so her princess-dom may be of concern to her. However, MY interest is that toy… In the bed with you? Hmmm….

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