Waiting For The World To Change

Now we see everything that’s going wrong 
With the world and those who lead it 
We just feel like we don’t have the means 
To rise above and beat it 

So we keep waiting 
Waiting on the world to change 
We keep on waiting 
Waiting on the world to change…

We sometimes feel lost, hopeless, and perhaps even helpless in life, unsure of what the answer might be, or even which questions to ask.  We may feel rudderless, as if we’ve been set adrift upon a vast and stormy sea.  And in our sense of loss and lacking direction, we might tend to shut down, curl into a comforting fetal position — perhaps not physically, but emotionally, psychologically, mentally.  It seems we become unable to continue our seeking, questioning ways, and become needful of external help.  Or so we perceive.

6221570623_1f74c69baa_zSo instead of proactivity, we become overwhelmed, inactive.  Stagnant.  Sometimes we tend to need to allow ourselves to wallow in self-pity for awhile.

And those actions are sometimes necessary to move past them into real action.

We can’t allow failure to derail us.  Nor can we sit and wait for others to make the changes that we so deeply want to see.  Or require in order to gain some forward momentum.

Recently I lost another in a series of jobs I had taken to simply make ends meet.  In no way did these positions fulfill me, or create meaning in my life.  They were paychecks, period.  Perhaps my lack of investment in the direction the company was wanting to go was apparent.  I know my intolerance of shoddy treatment and lack of integrity was plain to see, as I rarely allow others to treat me in ways I do not choose to be treated.  And I’m not polite about stating my dislike.  My most recent position was riddled with bullies and political machinations that regularly threw others under the proverbial bus in the interest of their own personal gain.

I have learned to stand up against bullying, with a ferocity that’s frightening to behold.

However glad I was to be able to walk away from this recent position, I still felt my self-esteem take a hit once I got away from that viper’s nest of spite and hatefulness.  We sometimes cannot help but feel responsible for the loss, no matter how much it wasn’t any active participation on my part.  I needed time to grieve for the conclusion of a difficult chapter in life, and ready myself to move on.  Once I allowed the grieving process to run its course, I began to see things much, much differently than I ever had before.  Through allowing natural processes to take place, I was able to move them out of the way to allow new information, new energy, to come through.

Perhaps allowing ourselves to feel the pain, the heartbreak, the challenge of facing new events, or gaining closure on events that were unhealthy, and made us unhappy, we can make room for happiness afterward.

It’s worth a try.


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