On The Subject of Race

Why has our culture suddenly become obsessed with race?  Or has it been all that suddenly?

Unfortunately, the color of one’s natural skin has played a part in socio-economic determination since humans have over-populated the earth.  If one was perceived as different in any manner from those in the self-designated ruling class, they were subordinated in every way.  And, even more unfortunately, it continues until this day.

apartheidsignenglishafrikaansOnce upon a time, in less “enlightened” times (and I use that word with all sarcasm and irony included), to have a skin color different from the ruling class was not called “race,” but “class.”  As in “lower class,” “middle class,” “upper class,” etc., and was used solely to determine whether those in other classes could associate with you or not.  It wasn’t until wars began being fought over land, property (which included people), and lifestyles that the term “race” began being used.  In this way, men — typically Caucasian and affluent — could use skin color as a divisive factor.  Oppress and repress all persons with skin hues darker than theirs.  It was the Golden Rule…they had the gold, so they determined the rules.

In truth, though, it’s cultural differences that we are referring to when we use the word “race.”

I come from a multi-cultural family.  Not “mixed race,” as many social organizations are fond of overusing.  I am Caucasian.  I have brothers and sisters who have darker skin than mine.  Some of them much darker.  Yet they continue to be my brothers and sisters.  I don’t see that as a dividing line, but rather an opportunity to learn and grow in my own mind and heart in embracing the differences each of us as individuals exhibits.  Whenever I have the chance, I’m sure to re-educate others in the fact that there are no different “races.”  There is no Caucasian race, no latino race, no black race.  Only the HUMAN RACE.  Race indicates differences in SPECIES, not skin color.  Once I stopped thinking in terms of “race,” I began seeing the similarities between me and my brothers and sisters, and not the differences.

Religion has used the divisive tool of which god is the one and only god to control and manipulate its followers, just like governments use the word “race” to divide and manipulate its citizens.

I am no different from the young mother on welfare, struggling to raise her family.  I am no different than the man on the corner holding up a cardboard sign, begging for a nickel.  I am no different than the President of the United States, or the Queen of England, or astronauts who travel to other planets and moons.  Only because my skin tone happens to match the skin tone of those long-ago elitists (a happenstance of biology only) that I am perceived as different — and in some people’s minds, better — than others.  Some call this “white privilege.”  Sadly, such a thing exists.

What has happened to humanity wherein we must stand on the shoulders of our brothers and sisters in order to feel superior?  Our superiority complex brings us wars, famine, genocide, and fear.  We have become so conditioned to see differences between ourselves and others, we can’t unsee them. And we allow those perceived differences to determine how we treat others.  We buy into the whole “race” agenda.  But we don’t have to.

So stop it.

Stop allowing yourself to be manipulated and controlled.  Start thinking for yourself.  Start living on your own terms.  Not on those edicts passed down from others…others who don’t know you, have never met you, and don’t care whether you live or die.

Here’s an excellent video by actor Edward James Olmos that echoes my thoughts.  




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